Frequently Asked Questions
Ticket Restaurant Meal Card 
1. What is Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card & its benefits in the form of tax exemption?
Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card is a prepaid instrument issued on the MasterCard platform and is loaded with a value in INR. It is issued by your organization for purchasing food and non - alcoholic beverages only at Ticket Restaurant® Meal Cards affiliated outlets. It is an employee benefit tool that offers a tax exemption to employees.
2. Where can I use my Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card?
Meal Card will be accepted at all Edenred affiliated Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card outlets for food and non-alcoholic beverages only. You can find your nearest / favourite outlets by using our geo based mobile app 'MyEdenred India' Click here to download or by visiting our website click here
3. Is there any limit on the usage or load of the Meal Card?
In case you have completed minimum KYC, there is a debit limit of Rs.10000/- on the monthly usage of card. As far as the load limit goes, you will get a load which is equivalent to entitlement for the month, however the maximum balance on card in case you have completed minimum KYC will be Rs. 10000. If you wish to increase your limit to Rs. 1,00,000 you need to you complete your full KYC. For more details, kindly contact simply call E-assist, our in-house Customer Service at 022-25455555, 1860 233 5555 or email us at or login to the Self-Care Portal and click on the ‘Update KYC’ option. For a detailed process kindly refer the Steps to update your KYC.
4. What Should I do if I lose my Meal Card?
If you are an registered customer, you can login the mobile app using the User ID & password created by you to hotlist/block the card or you can login to the web portal or you can contact our in house contact centre E-assist @ 022-25455555, 1860 233 5555 to hotlist/block the card immediately to prevent any misuse.
5. If I have any complaints or queries about the card, whom should I get in touch with?
Kindly contact our in house contact centre E-assist @ 022-25455555, 1860 233 5555 or you can also mail us at
6. How can I activate my PIN based Meal Card?
To activate your PIN based meal card you have to first register yourself on the Customer Online Portal by visiting You will mandatorily be required to generate the POS PIN using a secured OTP process post which your card will be automatically activated You will receive .transaction alerts on your registered mobile number.
7. How do I generate the PIN that will be prompted while attempting a card transaction at POS terminal?
You have to mandatorily follow the online registration process over the Self-care portal for generating the PIN (4 Digits), which is only enabled after successful validation of an OTP sent to your registered mobile number & email-ID. For detailed process kindly refer the Steps to register Edenred Meal Card
8. How Do I Change the existing PIN?
You can regenerate the PIN yourself. Please select the ‘Instant PIN Generation’ option on the Self-Care Portal. For detailed process kindly refer the Steps to register Edenred Meal Card
9. How do I use the Card and PIN at POS ?
You can enter this PIN in a similar manner as you enter the PIN for any of your PIN based debit/credit cards. PIN is another layer of security for the debit card. First, merchants will swipe the cards at a PIN enabled POS terminal and punch in the transaction amount. This will be followed by you entering the PIN to complete the transaction.
10. How do request for a new PIN if I have forgotten my old PIN?
You can only regenerate the PIN. Instant PIN generation option is available over the Online Self-care portal. For detailed process
11.  Do I need to use a PIN for Online transactions?
No. You do not need the POS PIN for doing online transactions.
12. The Ticket Restaurant® Meal card has a YES Bank logo on it; can I use this card for cash withdrawals at YES Bank/Any other ATMs?
Cash withdrawal is not permitted on your Meal Card. Please do not use this card on any ATMs for Cash withdrawal or any other requests. In case you attempt to use at any ATM, applicable charges will be levied
13. How can I know the balance, transaction details etc. of my Meal Card.?
You can download and login to our Mobile app MyEdenred India to know your 'Card Balance, transaction details, link your card etc. Click here to download 
14. What is m-pin?
M-pin is a four digit mobile pin. The full form of MPIN is 'Mobile Personal Identification number'. It works as a password when you want to login to the 'MyEdenred India' app.
15.  Can I use my card pin as my m-pin to login to the app?
No, you cannot use your card pin as your mpin to login to the app. First time users who have created their pin and registered on website need to login to the app using their existing user name and password. These users will then be prompted to create mpin as soon as they log in. This is a mandatory step. After the mpin is created user can login to the app using his/her username and mpin.
16. How can I access the customer online portal?
You can register on the Customer Online Portal by visiting For the first time, you need to use the Card No. and the Card Expiry (In YYMM format). Post providing the personal information required and on successful authentication you will be prompted to create your own User ID & password.. Post successful registration, by using this User ID & password you can access all card related information like balance, transaction details, hotlisting/blocking of card, replacement of cards etc.
17. What is the minimum balance to be maintained on the Meal Card?
No need to maintain any minimum balance on the Meal Card. You can use the entire funds available on the card
18. What is the validity of Meal Card?
Your Meal card validity is printed on the card below card number
19. What should I do if my Meal Card has expired?
Please contact your HR department. They will send the request to Edenred for renewal of the Card. The new card will be sent to your corporate address within 7-8 working days. The available balance on the old card will be transferred to the new card
20. What can I do if sufficient balance is not available on the card while making the purchase?
You can only make payment for the amount which is available on the card. In case transaction amount exceeds the available balance on the card, remaining amount can be paid by any other mode such as cash, credit card, debit card etc. as per the merchant policy.
21. Can I reload this card using any mode of payment?
This card can be loaded/ reloaded only by your employer. Any individual cardholder cannot reload this card.
22. What is the maximum limit I can accumulate in my Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card?
As per RBI guidelines, the maximum balance on the card at any given point of time will not exceed INR 10,000. In case you wish to increase the limit to 1,00,000, then the required KYC needs to be completed. For more details, kindly contact our in house contact centre E-assist @ 022-25455555, 1860 233 5555 or you can also mail us at or login to the Self-Care Portal and click on the ‘Update KYC’ option. For a detailed process kindly refer the Steps to update your KYC.
23. What if I leave the organization? Will I still be able to use my Meal Card?
It will depend on the company policy. If your organization asks you to return the card, the same will be deactivated by Edenred on receiving such information from the corporate. However, if your employer allows the departing employee to take the card along with him/her, in that case the departed employee can continue to use the card until expiry/balance runs out.
24. Can I get the Meal Card at my personal address?
No. Replacement/Reissued card will always be delivered to the corporate address only. All the communication with respect to your card will be only to the corporate address.
For any assistance, simply call E-assist, our in-house Customer Service at 022-25455555 or 1860 233 5555 or email us at
# 9am-8pm, Monday to Saturday.