Ticket Xpress

Digital voucher platform connecting merchants, corporates and end users

Transforming the 
vouchers ecosystem in India
TicketXpress is a new-age mobile-first, smart & secure Digital Voucher Platform to generate, distribute and authorize value/product/service e-vouchers for your customers in a simple & cost-effective way. Digital smart voucher system enables rewards programmes to be more responsive, relevant, easy to manage and easy to use.

User Acquisition

Attract potential customers to sign-up for your products/services                                                                                                                      

User Engagement

Motivate customers to engage with your brand                                                                                                                                                        

Employee Benefits

Increase employees' purchasing power                                                                                                                                                                       

Social Gifting

Buy gifts for friends and family on social media                                                                                                                                                        

Sales Promotion

Incentivise customers to boost sales                                                                                                                                                                             

Loyalty Rewards

Enhance the appeal of your rewards programs                                                                                                                                                         
Customer Journey with TicketXpress
  • Step 1

    Recieve eVoucher via SMS, eMail or App

  • Step 2

    Pick something you like

  • Step 3

    Checkout by scanning the evoucher

Learn how Ticket Xpress can make an impact on your organisation and the people in it
Value Proposition of TicketXpress
Benefits for Corporates

- Access to the most attractive reward choices - Enhance performance in customer acquisition and retention campaigns - Increase the engagement with mobile users - Eliminate the time & efforts in marketing rewards process -Automate rewards processes and save all logistics costs in a rewards program - Track redeem behavior of users for fine tuning reward design - CSR compliant paperless process

Benefits for Merchant

- Access to new markets and bring incremental sales through Edenred sales channels - Open up revenue opportunities from new customer acquisition, upsell and brand exposure - Fir into digitalization strategy and CSR compliant paperless process - Avoid the manual processes and errors involved in processing hard copy vouchers - Provide data analytics to give merchants insights into market response to their products and services - Eliminates the rush of counterfeit hard copy vouchers

Benefits for End Users

- Eliminates the hassle of carrying hard copy vouchers - Provides greater flexibility in the selection and redemption of rewards - Easy voucher management with option to add e-voucher into mobile wallets and reminder nearing expiry date

TicketXpress smart features that delight!

HTML5 native OS & Android 
Wallet Integration
Functional capbility to integrate with
 Android Pay Apple Wallet 

Security & Privacy
Unique URL PIN Code
Check real-time status
 of balance , shop location and 
many more
Flexible Configuration
Mono / Multi brand
Value / SKU  One-time / Multiple
Acceptance Options
Standard / custom barcode
QR-Code  Action button

Omni Delivery

SMS | Email | Messenger | Bulk download

Ticket Xpress is a proprietary digital voucher and coupon management solution providing a simple and cost-effective way to electronically generate, distribute and authorize e-vouchers for your marketing programs.

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Business Head - Gift Voucher Solutions, Accentiv

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