Frequently Asked Questions
by Merchants
1. What is Edenred?
Edenred is the inventor of the Ticket Restaurant® meal voucher and the world leader in prepaid corporate services, designs and delivers solutions that improve the efficiency of organizations and enhance the purchasing power of individuals. Edenred in India has three main products a) Ticket Restaurant Meal Card b) Ticket Compliments Gift Card c) eCompliments Gifting Platform

2. What is the Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card?
Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card or food card is a prepaid instrument issued on the MasterCard platform and is loaded with a value in INR. It is issued by corporates to their employees for purchasing food and non - alcoholic beverages only at Ticket Restaurant® Meal Cards affiliated merchant outlets.

3. What is a food card? Is it different from a meal card or meal vouchers?
Food card or meal card both are the same. Earlier food cards were in the form of physical coupons/vouchers, but now due to digitisation efforts of Govt. of India, Edenred issues food vouchers in the form of digital card i.e. Edenred food card also known as Ticket Restaurant Meal Card

4. Who is Edenred Merchant and how can I become Edenred Merchant?
Any establishment that has entered into a contractual agreement with Edenred for accepting the Edenred Meal Card / Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card as per the pre-defined terms and conditions is an Edenred Merchant. You may contact Edenred Merchant Onboarding Team at 022 25455757 or mail in your details at and our representative shall get in touch with you within 3 working days to explain the procedure and guide you to become an Edenred Merchant.

5. How does the Edenred operate in India? How can a merchant benefit by associating with Edenred?

Step    1:  An employer places an order for Edenred Meal Card/Food Card and makes the payment to Edenred. 
Step 2: The employer provides these Meal Card/Food Card to its employees as a part of their compensation structure or to employees/associates as a part of their Incentives and Recognition Programme / Meal Benefits Programme 
Step  3: Employee refers to web directory or MyEdenred India app (for employees) to locate Meal/Food Merchant to use their Edenred Meal Card
Step  4: Employees/associates use these Meal Card at Edenred's s merchant outlets for the purchase of food and nonalcoholic beverages
Step  5: Upon receipt of proof for transactions, the payment for the same gets credited to the Merchant’s registered bank account based on payment terms defined in the contract form. Meal Card/Food Card invoice is also emailed at registered merchant Email ID.

6. How do I accept payments with Edenred Meal Card?
Edenred enables innovative digital solutions at your store to support acceptance of Edenred Food Card/Meal Card at your store. The solution include, activating your existing POS/EDC terminal, QR code, online (for Ecommerce merchants) and SMS pay for food deliveries

7. What benefit does a merchant get by accepting Ticket Restaurant Meal Card at their outlet?
Today Edenred has a user base of 2.5 million beneficiaries. By accepting Ticket Restaurant Meal Card, you can get increase footfalls to your outlet. We promote our merchants regularly to our users.

8. What is the process to get registered and become a Ticket Restaurant Meal Card merchant?
  • Merchant signs the contract form. 
  • Edenred activates the registered POS/EDC terminal to accept Edenred cards 
  • Edenred provides required training, visibility tools ie. in-store stickers, listing on MyEdenred app etc. 
  • Merchant accepts Edenred Cards as payment for food and non-alcoholic beverages only. 
  • Reimbursements for all card transactions settled by the Merchant, will be credited to the mandated Bank account (linked to the POS/EDC machine) as per the Acquiring Bank’s settlement cycle.

9. How many merchants are tied up with Edenred? 
Edenred has tied up over 110,000+ affiliated merchants across nationwide to accept Ticket Restaurant Meal Card.

10. How would the merchants accept payments through Ticket Restaurant Meal Card?
Ticket Restaurant Meal Card enables the payment option through POS/ EDC terminal and QR code.

11. What can be consumed with a Ticket Restaurant Meal Card?
User can consume food items and non- alcoholic beverages with the Ticket Restaurant Meal Card.

12. On becoming an Edenred Merchant, do I receive training?
Yes, on becoming an Edenred merchant, you are trained on how to recognize a valid Edenred Food Card/Meal Card, how to use the POS terminal as well as various do’s and don’ts much needed for the acceptance of these Food Cards. As a part of the merchant programme, you will also receive a ‘Welcome kit’ (Welcome letter, merchant handbook, Edenred visibility tools, business cards of the Edenred Relationship Managers) to help you understand and execute your role efficiently

13. When do I receive my payments for the transaction on Edenred Meal Card/Food Card?
The payments would be made to the registered bank account based on the payment terms defined in the contract form

14. How does the consumer identify the Edenred merchant outlet?
Edenred provides you with branding material on signing the contract that you need to display at your outlets. We also list your outlet details on our website and our mobile application, to direct consumers to your stores

15. How many merchants does Edenred have?
Edenred has more than 1.10 lakh points of acceptance in over 3,500+ cities nationwide

16. Can I initiate a refund for items once I have billed and received payment from the consumer?
Refunds can be made before the end of the day i.e. before batch closure only

17. Consumer has left/forgotten their Edenred Food Card/Meal Card on the merchant premise. What should I do?
A. If a cardholder leaves an Edenred Food Card/Meal Card at your premise which is not claimed within a reasonable period (a week) call Edenred's call centre number, 1860 233 5555 | 022 25455555. If the Food Card/Meal Card is claimed within a week, do not return the Food Card unless you have established the cardholder’s identity. If unsure do not return the Food Card and dispose of by cutting it in half horizontally through the card. Please ensure the Food Card is kept safely at your premise to avoid misuse.

18. How can the merchants change/update their information?
The merchants need to share the details through an email with the Network manager/Affiliate BO team at