Edenred India Business Model

Companies, employees and merchants all stand to gain by being connected

Edenred India is a place where transactions shape trusted human networks, where connections are built between those who want to grow together, where value-added solutions enhance everyday life, and where the key to success lies in simple daily wins.

Edenred in India has occupied a unique position for more than 21 years, by connecting communities in a virtuous circle of trust. Our customers include corporates and the public sector, merchants and retailers, the working population, both employees and otherwise, and public authorities. Their interests and objectives converge thanks to Edenred, which unites them day after day in a quest for progress, performance, simplicity, and value creation.

  • A brand symbolizing a unique bond

    Since 2017, all the Edenred India solutions have carried the unique Edenred brand, a unifying symbol for all the members of its network including the flagship Ticket Restaurant program, has been completely overhauled in line with standardized graphic codes

  • We connect, You win

    It reflects the shift to digital, the concept of ecosystems established by the Edenred Group, and the benefits offered by Edenred: enhanced purchasing power for employees and citizens, optimized expenses for companies, and increased revenue for merchants.

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A multi-local approach 

Edenred's presence in India is well balanced with 7 regional offices and 3500+ towns connectivity

Solutions to benefit everyone
For Companies

Employee benefits solutions
boosts performance, motivation and loyalty amongst employees
For Employees

Employees enjoy more purchasing power and a simpler payments for their food, shopping and more
For Partners

Edenred’s partner merchants make additional sales to a pool of targeted consumers
More mobile than ever
The switch from paper to cards has enabled employees to enjoy more benefits on their smartphones, from access to special offers, to locating partner merchants or checking the payments balance or history. Edenred India makes it possible to pay for meals directly with a mobile phone, using QR, Online Payments or the Group’s proprietary solutions like MyEdenred India app.