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Edenred, a French multinational and the inventor of the Ticket Restaurant® meal voucher is today the world leader in Employee Benefits and a major player in Fleet and Mobility solutions, providing transactional solutions for companies, employees and merchants. Edenred also offers a range of complementary solutions such as Corporate Payments, Incentives and Rewards or Public Social Programs.

The company generated a business volume of more than €28.1 billion in 2018. Whether delivered via mobile, online platform, card or paper voucher, Edenred solutions mean increased purchasing power for employees, optimized expense management for companies and additional business for affiliated merchants.

47 million employee beneficiaires and citizens use Edenred's solutions every day for a variety of purposes, including meals, food, fuel, business travel, childcare, shopping and so on. Listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange and part of the CAC Next 20 index, Edenred operates in 45 countries, with close to 8,500 employees. 
Our vision is to continue enriching
 the transactions to create trusted human networks
Edenred Group

830,000 Corporate Clients

Edenred Group currently has business operations in 45 countries and a client base of 830,000 corporates including SME's and PSU's

1.7 Million Partner Merchants

Edenred Group merchant partner network is one of the world's largest affiliate network connecting 1.7 million merchants in 45 countries across categories like food & beverages, fuel etc.

47 Million Employee Users

Edenred Group managed more than 2.5 billion transactions & 7 billion litres of fuel in 2018. Nearly 47 million employees  are connected by Edenred network and used Edenred services across various platforms
Edenred India

4000+ Corporate Clients

Edenred India currently has business offices in 7 major cities in India and a client base of 4000 corporates including SME's and PSU's

110,000 Partner Merchants

Edenred India merchant partner network is spread across 3500+ cities & towns connecting 110,000 merchants with a unique network to facilitate 2.5 million Edenred beneficiaries 

2.5 Million Employee Users

Edenred India managed 1.5 crore transactions annually  connecting 2.5 million employees using Edenred Meal Cards or Gift Cards 
Edenred in India
Today, Edenred in India connects 2.5 million employees, 4000+ companies and 110,000+ partner merchants in 3500 cities. In keeping with our pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit, imagination is what has driven us for more than 50 years and will drive us into the future. Imagination nourished by observing new trends and usages in the world of work, by the power of digital technology and by the creativity of our people. Imagination that spawns value-creating products and services, and solutions that make everyone’s everyday lives easier.

In a world where interactions are speeding up and multiplying, our made-to-measure approach enables us to propose a new generation of secure transactions and services. Rich and innovative experiences with simplicity and efficiency.

Today, it is our 550+ diverse employees, driven by their passion for customers, who best embody the Edenred spirit. Talented people who build connected networks and value added solutions, based on secure transactions, with boldness, conviction and respect.
Edenred's offer is built 
around three business lines:
Employee Benefits

Edenred offers solutions for companies wishing to make life easier for their employees and improve their purchasing power in a number of areas, including meals, food, transportation, purchases of environmentally-friendly products, and so on

Fleet & Mobility Solutions

From optimization of vehicle fleet servicing costs (fuel cards, toll or maintenance solutions, etc.) to employee travel costs (expense management cards, expense claim solutions), Edenred also offers oil companies and all fuel retailers integrated solutions to manage their fuel cards and loyalty programs

Complementary Solutions

Edenred operates in sectors close to its core business to provide companies and public authorities, with a full range of solutions including corporate payments, multi-wallet, incentive and rewards programs etc

Client Says

  • The process of their product introduction in our organization was very smooth and it is always remembered. Further the orientation to employees is a special mention
    Madhu Mohan - Asst. General Manager - TATA CHEMICALS Ltd.
  • We are using Ticket Restaurant Meal Card for our employees as a part of their compensation structure. Edenred is a dependable service provider and we appreciate their prompt service
    Sudhir Sethi, VP – HR, Admin & Legal, INOX INDIA
  • Edenred cards are hassle free to register for, and the company provides efficient operational support, easy settlement and timely delivery / loading of card month after month. We also buy gift cards from Edenred
    Sovik Bromha, Director – Finance, RED HAT INDIA PVT. LTD.
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Our Solutions

For over 50 years Edenred has acquired unique experience and know-how in transactional solutions for companies, employees and merchants.

Board of Directors
Our mission is to build connections and 
value-added solutions for our customers through trusted transactions