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Ticket Compliments® Gift Card

One stop digital solution for all your corporate gifting requirements

Ticket Compliments® Gift Cards comes with no hassles for you and gives your employees and channel partners a freedom to choose the gift of their own choice from over 1 million terminals that accept MasterCard (POS and Online). 


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Ticket Compliments® Gift Cards come with a host of great benefits for you and your employees like:

  • Unmatched freedom of choice for card holder
  • Enhanced benefit for corporates
  • Complete digital solution (from ordering to usage)
  • Hassle-free process
  • Elite shopping network
  • 2% benefit for the card holder
  • Special offer booklet with exciting  deals from various brands for the user
  • Ideal for frequent gifting requirement
To find out how we can assist your business for your corporate gifting requirement, please complete the online enquiry form at http://www.edenredindia.com/ and we will get back to you at the earliest.